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For the past 5 years, we have supported St Georges Bowling Club with their end-of-season renovations to both bowling greens, these are arguably some of the best greens in the county, this has entailed, Scarifying, Vertidraining, seeding and applying a top dressing, finished off with drag matting the whole surface. So much care goes into our greens that Mid Shropshire bowls chose St Georges Bowling Club for their 90th-anniversary event.

Shropshire Vertidrain Ltd owned by Mike Humphries and Paul Beer, have a long history of playing bowls as Paul is a past winner of the senior merit (2008), we are committed to the Mid Shropshire Bowling League and Shropshire Bowls leagues, and the good they are doing to promote the game through these difficult past few years, it is only fitting that we can help where we can, so we have sponsored the Mid Shropshire Bowling League Senior Merit 2022 and Vet Interleague at country level.

We are proud to continue supporting this top bowling club and the Mid Shropshire Bowling League through all their needs.

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