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Our History

From humble beginnings, Shropshire Vertidrain was founded by Mike Humphries in 2016 when Mike took early retirement from his role in the engineering sector. Over the years, Mike has grown Shropshire Vertidrain from a small sole trader ship to a fully limited company in 2022 when fellow engineer Paul Beer joined the company.

With Mike and Paul's passion, Shropshire Vertidrain has been growing even further whilst continuing to impress, support and delight clients with tailored vertidraining and turf care regimes.

Why we do

what we do

We believe that the outdoors should be celebrated and by providing outstanding services to our clients, we hope to bring people together to play, socialise and embrace the outdoors.

Shropshire Vertidrain was founded on the idea that greens could be greener, grass could be thicker and that we as people should use and treat these green spaces with love and respect.
Countless times have we seen fields and courses neglected or mismanaged discouraging people from enjoying the space. we do what we do not only because we love the outdoors but we want others to enjoy them as much as we do.

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We believe in


We only use new and high-quality machinery to provide our clients with a wide range of quality turf maintenance and management services through highly responsive and efficient service delivery. We have a continual policy of reinvesting in machinery to ensure the best possible results can be obtained.


At Shropshire Vertidraining & Turf Services LTD we aim to provide Quality Services at an Affordable Price keeping our mission to build a long lasting partnership with our clients through first class delivery of service and value for money.

The right tools

We pride ourselves in using new and modern machinery to ensure that the needs of our clients are satisfied and exceeded, ensuring a safe work environment is maintained at all times.


Being a small company Shropshire Vertidraining & Turf Services LTD ensures that each project is handled with extra care to deliver results which are beyond clients expectations.

Mike Humphries


After starting working life as an Agricultural Engineer and progressing to senior Engineering and quality management roles with the MOD, Royal Ordnance and BAE Systems Land Mike took early retirement in 2016. Due to his history of playing football, cricket and Golf he took up crown green bowling and soon became greens manager at a local club where he quickly spotted potential in the ground care sector to provide a quality product at keen costs to his customers. Shropshire Vertidrain and turf services were formed with Mike operating as a sole trader.

Paul Beer


Paul has 43 years of Aerospace and Defence knowledge and brings a vast experience in project management and customer quality care to the business. A previous award-winning Rolls Royce apprentice, through to full corporate management, Paul has the tools to complete any task. Since taking voluntary redundancy the opportunity to move onto new pastures with a good friend and excellent engineer dedicated to producing good quality work at a fair price.

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